Internet providers cap bandwidth.

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Internet providers cap bandwidth. Empty Internet providers cap bandwidth.

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:25 pm

I can only speak for Canada.

Both Major internet providers cable(rogers) and DSL(bell) in my area do cap torrents and pretty much any file sharing.(they will confirm when asked)

In my opinion this is not right if we are not suppose to download torrents then why allow at all.

They advertise 10 mbs per sec yet don't advertise that you only get that 10 mbs when you go from Google to Yahoo.Well I don't need 10 mbs for that not to mention they now cap our usage and anything over we have to pay more..(pay more get less)

Be aware of the small companys saying that they do not cap torrents as they only rent the lines and they don't cap you but the main supplier will.(rogers/bell)

If you want internet these are the only options in Ontario for the average person on a budget.


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